Voices - Kibera Stories

13 villages. 250,000 inhabitants. How often do we hear their voices?

VOICES is a multimedia project that sets out to document and share pieces of collective life, youth cultures, community solutions, artistic expressions, urban reflections: a myriad of nuances that, brought together, compose and create the human identity of Kenya’s most known informal settlement – Kibera.

Through interviews, sounds, photos and videos, and in partnership with community residents, artists, activists, organizations and local initiatives, VOICES features conversations, encounters and interactions, celebrating the authentic collective experience of Kibera and enabling a new perception of this too often stigmatized community.

The storytellers of VOICES are real people – experts and protagonists of their own experiences and lives. Challenging the traditional storytelling approach, VOICES is a narrative journey that draws the link between past, present and future with a central driving force: the change the community wants to achieve.

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